LBS - Melbourne's International Film Festival for Kids

Today several Colleagues and I took a group of Secondary students the the ‘Little Big Shots’ Film Festival at Federation Square in Melbourne. The purpose for the outing was to reward the students for their great work throughout the Semester re: their Digital Creation classwork but to also open their eyes a little wider and see the great films out their that are being created for their age group.

The ‘Little Big Shots’ Film Festival is the, as the Website explains… “The festival now stands as Australia’s only major stand-alone kids’ film festival – a niche Australian event. With its focus on short films for kids plus plenty of competitions and opportunities for involvement, Little Big Shots is one of the year’s most exciting experiences for kids.”

We were fortunate enough also that we even met one of the Actors in one of the short films we viewed, Harvey, who’d flown all the was from L.A. in the U.S. to be at the festival itself! Autographs-a-plenty!


Ok… the real reason for this post. It is to share what I managed to create on my iPad2 on the bus on the way back to the school, all in 7 1/2 minutes! Now i am not saying that what you’re about to view is a sensational masterpiece or something that comes even close! However, it does certainly highlight just what can be created on such a mobile device in such a short amount of time.

The ‘iPad’ critics out there who see the iPad, and i suppose other forms as mobile technology as not being equivalent to a NetBook or NoteBook/Laptop, are kidding themselves (personal thought!). For me, who rushed this in the time i had left on the bus, to create a minute long HD video, about what i had viewed that day with my students, is a great example of what students can achieve with these devices. The difference being, their’s would have been 10X better. Give me another 7 1/2 minutes and it would begin to resemble something near what i know our iPad kids could’ve, actually would’ve, created!

I used the camera to take the shots (now the Camera’s not great, but it works!), I used a variety of paint/drawing programs for the text, these being Penultimate, iDraft and neu.Notes. And then, to tie it altogether, iMovie! Simple, fast, EFFECTIVE! I also forgot to mention Rich, Relevant and Engaging!

Tomorrow our Yr 6 iPad students are heading to the Melbourne Zoo with their ipads tucked firmly under arm and i know that the teachers in that area will be driving and pushing for amazing and exciting digital creative work to shine from what the students see and investigate! So… watch this space!

My short and sharp film!