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One of the big issues that we’ve found with the iPad as a teaching and learning device is it’s ability, or inability as i should say, is to access Flash Based Web Content. As an Educator there is no secret that some of the greatest Web 2.0 tools are Flash Based and not being able to access these on an iPad is quite frustrating at times!

One Great Web2.0 tool that teachers at MLC use on a regular basis at our College is Wallwisher, an online Notice Board Maker. With this tool students can access a particular notice board, or ‘space’ and all add sticky notes to it at the same time. This has been a great tool for online collaborative learning as students can post comments and the like about a particular issue or questions that been posted to them. Until this morning, we had struggled a little to find something equivalent to use on the iPads!

Here’s a glimpse of creating a Wallwisher Wall:

Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 3.06.57 PM

Linoit is another site that is very very similar to Wallwisher that is used throughout our College however with a few more features and options. This morning we’d discovered the iPad App for this great online tool which proved to be a great addition to the Student’s devices!

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One of our Teachers in our iPad area, James, asked all students to download the free Linoit App, where he then proceeded to create a wall, or canvas, for his students to access via their iPads! James had created a Linoit account to create his Canvas, in which he then gave the students the same login details so they all had access to that canvas and could add to it freely!

The end result… a Linoit canvas in which all of his students had accessed and collaborated to!

For us, this was another teaching moment in which the iPad had created a teaching and learning situation that was perhaps not possible (not to us yet anyway… i am sure there MUST be another way, but…) that then allowed us to complete the task that we required!

I’ll be sure to post an example or two of the student’s Linoit Wall and showing just how they use this great resource with it’s iPad App to create and share in one learning space online!