First and foremost happy New Year to all. We hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas period and behaved whilst bringing in the new year!

Late late year we had planned to hold a series of parent tech based sessions to give our parent cohort an up to date, relevant, and rich exposure to setting up an iPad Device, an Apple ID, and to manage the settings associated with the device for the 1st time. Unfortunately time had not allowed this to happen, hence, this blog post! We WILL, DEFINITELY, AND PLAN TO, run these sessions during the first few weeks back this year!

So. What is it that is important for parents to know about using an iPad? What is essential for them to know? How do we as a college support them as a family in utilising a device to assist with their child’s learning, yet can be used as a family device also. After considerable thought and a little bit ‘o research, especially from what i encountered from my Beaconhills visit (see our previous post), I have narrowed what was a million and 1 items down to a top 5.

1. Setting up an iPad for the 1st Time

This being a pretty straight forward process with the iPad itself walking you through step by step the complete set up process.

2. Setting restrictions

As a College we believe that it is a good idea for parents to set certain restrictions on the iPad device. These being mainly about App purchasing and downloading so as not to blow out a credit card bill, if you have one attached to your Apple ID account. 

3. Accessing Wi-Fi Networks

Free WiFi is readily available these days from just about anywhere, and knowing how to log on to and access these is important to know. As id how to obviously access your own WiFi internet at home if you have it. 

4.  Security Issues – Passcodes / Passwords

Creating a Passcode lock on the iPad is an important step in making sure that certain people who do not have permission to access the device, cannot. This should be a password that the student and parents know together. 

5. Preventing damages

Things break. Some more than others and some more so easier than others. However, some are not high end pieces of technology either. Like all technology, it is important that students, and families, follow certain steps to ensure that their device is looked after as best it can be.

From all of the questions and queries that we have had as a college who has implemented a large number of iPad devices already, the majority of the questions asked revolve around the things mentioned above. Below you will find a series of links and resources that will help to give a greater understanding of those above issues and queries!

Once the resource materials have been created by myself, i will be sure to share them all with you as per usual!

Thanks again.

iPad User Manual : Here is the official iPad Manual, all 140 glorious pages of it! As you would expect, this detailed manual covers all relevant information and should be able to answer just about any question from correct operating temperature to switching the keyboard so that you can type in Vietnamese!

Apple’s iPad Support Site : This Apple’s Oficial iPad support site. Once again, a great place for all of of your iPad needs and questions. probably, my first point of call would be this site.

Apple’s iPad Video Collection :  Not really a how to on anything, but here you can view great short video clips that demonstrate the iPads capabilities via its many m,any functions. : Here you will find some excellent ‘how to’s’ which will hopefully answer the above questions. This is a very comprehensive site to assist people with their iPad device, as well as cover all other related news to the iPad world!

iPad Academy : A great blog which has been designed to help all people of all ages in setting up and running their iPads effectively. This site posts new information frequently and is more often than not of great assistance!

You Tube : The worlds second largest place to search for information, behind Google of course, is a wealth of how to videos and the like! Simply search for iPad2 Set Up and away you go!

If you know of any other excellent sites, please leave a comment and add it below!