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This morning i read a great post on a blog that an Educator by the name a John Pearce, who is known for doing extraordinary things with technology integration in schools, came across. John shared this post via his Scoop.it. The post itself begins with the following;

“In a response to a well written and thoughtful post that I recently read by¬†@jmcconville1000, “Why the iPad is bad for education“, I felt compelled to respond from my personal experience of rolling out a cart of 30 iPads in a shared high school environment.¬†

Fundamentally I believe that an iPad can neither be good or bad. All it can ever be is an iPad.¬†I argue instead, that when used effectively and with specific goals in mind, iPads can have a positive impact on education. ¬†Seeing that schools are investing money on these devices, the perspective to adopt is not a combative one, but rather one that explores how to effectively integrate the devices. Whether a school is 1:1, or there is a shared iPad cart, the devices can be used effectively. ‘ The entire post can be found here on¬†The History 2.0 Classroom.¬†

As we here at Manor Lakes¬†discuss, believe and preach, the technology is merely a tool to foster learning. It is not the be all and end all of students meeting their outcomes. It is the way the devices are being used and they way pedagogy has adapted and changed to cater for students using devices that can be extremely helpful. It’s always great to read these posts and to reaffirm that we as a college are on a shared path with many others from around the globe, all of which have a common understanding of how technology is to be used and shared.


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  1. Yes I agree totally. It’s always how they are being used that makes the difference.

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