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Pic Collage

One app the kids in year 6 and 7 have come to love is Pic Collage. Like a lot of applications that may seem one dimensional, and this is an example, once a bit of creative thought is added, most app’s can be so much more and this is certainly one of them.

Students via this application can create more than just Collage’s of their favourite pics and images. They can use this app in many many ways to support what is being covered in class. Students can take photos of their work and comment on what they have done via the text box function. They can also use the editing options available to them to alter and change the appearance of images taken. Stickers can be added to images as well as being able to change the background look also of what images and text you may be including.

Lastly, as the two creative young lads below have demonstrated, you can use your photo editing skills to really manipulate and alter images! If only the photo below was real… or is it?

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  1. hi there, thanks for this great post about PicCollage! please also feel free to write to us directly at support@pic-collage.com to let us know how we can improve the product for you.


    p.s. we absolutely love the collage your students made! 🙂

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