iPad Mini

To all parents and families.

After having spoken with our IT Partners and Mac Resellers Xcite Logic, we have decided to leave the portal open for…. well… good! This will give you all the opportunity to perhaps purchase new equipement as you may require it along the line.

If have not purchased via the portal but are aiming to do so, it is a case at the moment of sooner the better to ensure that what you order comes in before Christmas. In saying this we as a college or on behalf of Xcite Logic cannot guarantee from here on in that items orded now, will in fact arrive before the end of term, this being December 21st.

The good news is that all parents that have ordered via the portal, and ordered an iPad 3, will be immediately upgraded to an iPad4! Also, the iPad Mini will be available on the portal very shortly, however Apple are still finalising shipments for these devices as well as determining what the education pricing will be. Once added to the portal, once again, if you’re wishing to purchase an iPad Mini, guarantees of delivery before Christmas cannot be made.

If you have questions about the above, please contact me via the College. Thanks. Corrie. 😉