Hello all!

It is absolutely fantastic to be back in to the thick of the action for 2013! We have so many exciting programs and initiatives going on throughout the college, all aimed at benefiting the students we teach!

Of course, one of these exiting programs being our foray in to a Year 1 BYOD iPad Program! From the successes that we witnessed in 2012 with out Prep cohort, we made the call with the support of parents to continue our iPad Program in to year 1!

With approximately 130 students in year 1, all of which hopefully will soon have their own ipad, and in saying this, most already do!, we are very keen to see our students extend their learning with the existence of these devices at their disposal.

We have already seen in just 1 week our Year 1 students demonstrating outstanding technology integration skills to assist their learning. Of course however, with all technology integration, the devices on hand are there to support what is being taught and this is a key message for all staff and parents at our College.

In the coming weeks we’ll be soon able to show you examples of student work as well as images of these kids using their iPads to support their learning! Watch this space!

On top of this, we then move to our Middle Years where now all year 6, 7, and 8 students have their own iPad device! The take up rate has been outstanding thus far and we as a College must thank parents and guardians for their support in this. The year 6 students last year were exceptional in their creative and innovative ways in using their device and we are looking for these students to assist others in leading the way!


Please visit back here frequently to witness all the amazing things our students and teachers are doing with our 1:1 iPad Programs! If you have any questions of queries, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer!

Thank you!