Well… We are now in the thick of it for 2013 and we are very proud and thrilled to say that all of our learners in our BYOD iPad Programs are going great! Students have already been demonstrating their skills and iPad capabilities from year 1 right through to year 8 in all curriculum areas which has been great to witness.

Our students, including our year 1’s (with help of course) have been self enrolling their devices to our network via new device network management software we’ve introduced, Casper Suite, to ensure they have full Internet and network access across the College.

Below I’ve added the percentages of iPad Devices in each year level in relation to us moving towards a BYOD model in a nifty little graphic. Percentages and figures that we are very pleased with, percentages and figures that we are sure will only improve as time moves forward! As a College we must thank our Community of parents and guardians for their support in these programs.

Lastly, I have also attached our 1:1 iPad Information Book for those who either do not have it, have not seen it or are simply interested.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the College or myself directly via:

Thank You.


2013 BYOD 1-1 iPad Information Book