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Encouraging Learning Through Mobile Technology Use

The Evidence Is Here…

Just a small portion of the crowd at Michelle and Jess’ presentation.

On the weekend the annual ICTEV (ICT in Education Victoria) 2013 Conference took place and two of our very own staff, Michelle in Yr 6 and Jess in Yr 3, presented on the wonderful things that we are doing within our 1:1 iPad Programs.

I have been fortunate enough to hear from several of the people that attended their session and they all had nothing but excellent things to say!

One of the highlights from the presentation that Michelle and Jess gave was a video they showed which had been created by one of Michelle’s fantastic year 6 students, Leah. The video, which is embedded below is an outstanding reason as to why our staff and students are leaders in technology use to support learning.

Leah created this digital story based on a narrative that she had written in class and as you can see, it is absolutely amazing! The creativity that she has displayed, especially seeing that the entire video was created on an iPad, is stunning.

If you ever needed evidence to prove that technology has a place in an educational setting to support teaching and learning, this is it.



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  1. Michelle Meracis

    May 26, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    Thanks Corrie 🙂 I am always amazed by the creative ways our students present work when given the choice to complete tasks in any way they like. Leah clearly used a number of apps to produce this sensational digital story. She is a true ROCKSTAR! 🙂

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