Our guests from Cabramatta West PS located in Sydney’s western suburbs.

So far this year we’ve been inundated with schools and colleges asking to visit our College to see the outstanding things that our staff and students are doing in relation to our iPad Programs.

Once again, as always, I have been utterly bewildered by the capabilities of our staff and students and how they can best utilise mobile technology, or technology in general, to support teaching and learning.

The messages that i usually ‘preach’ to our visitors about;

  • technology integration (and doing it successfully),
  • running 1:1 programs,
  • undertaking and coordinating BYOD,
  • the evolution of pedagogy and learning that needs to take place,
  • using mobile technology to support teaching and learning, and,
  • what needs to be in place for all of the above to be successful…

…all are based upon our first hand accounts of what I and we as a College have initiated and implemented.

We have had close to 100 people through from over 35 different settings ranging from local school across the road to colleges as far from Western Australia and New Zealand.

Below i have included several images that have been taken throughout these professional learning visitations which i feel have been quite successful for those involved. At least i hope!

2013 PL Visitation Images from Corrie Barclay

From here we are aiming to make the hosting of our visitors more student focused and driven and have the real starts of the show lead the way. It is certainly one thing to hear the information come from staff, but the students are the ones who are using the technology to support their learning, and they need to be the ones to share their stories!

In saying this though i do need to take this opportunity to thank ALL staff who constantly have visitors strolling through their rooms in prep, year 1, and years 6, 7 and 8. A big shout out and thank you to the team leaders of these teams, Tristane (P), Damon (1), Michelle (6), Mel/Jane (7) and Kate/Emma (8).

So. From here we have a host of more schools and colleges coming our way and we’ll be sure to welcome them with open arms!