Hello All.

Apple have just released a new document which is terrific in explaining the creation and use of “Apple ID’s” for school students, and primarily school students who are under the age of 13.

As the document states at the beginning:

“As a parent or guardian, you want the best learning environment for your student. One that makes learning relevant for each student and allows for creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. With an iOS device like iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, students always have access to the content they need—no matter where they are.”

To ensure that students are able to access parts of the curriculum we need to ensure that their devices are fully operational and connected to our College, and this also includes with an accessible Apple ID.

If you as a parent or caregiver would like to know more about the creation and use of Apple ID’s, Setting Privacy Restrictions, and adding Restrictions to an ipad Device then this is a great read!