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Below I have created 10 wonderfully great iPad app’s for teachers!

These for me for the most part have been the Core App’s I have both used extensively and also found myself beginning to use extensively of late.

There are of course another 10-20 applications that i could have easily added however I do find that with app use on an iPad you ‘rob peter to pay paul‘, meaning that there are a lot of app’s out there that do very similar things to each other and you as a teacher (and learner), need to decide which app works best for you.

An example of this is one app included below, EduCreations. This is a simple yet very powerful application to use and is VERY similar to that of Explain Everything, Show Me, and Doceri, and there others… The reason I have listed over others is that it works very well and I have no reason other than that to use anything else. Simple as that!

So… The list is as follows!

If there are iPad applications that you use on a daily basis which you find that are just to important to NOT be on the above list, by all means I/we would love to see and hear about them so please take the 13 seconds to add your must have teaching app’s below!