As per our new 3 year eLearning Strategy beginning in 2015, we have identified 4 highly qualified staff members, one per each of our 4 sub-schools, that will undertake the exciting roles of Digital Learning Leaders for 2015.

The following 4 staff will be charged with overseeing the effective integration of technology throughout their respective areas as their knowledge and understanding towards digital learning and leadership is extremely high.

This role will involve working very closely with staff and students to ensure a high level of quality of differentiation is occurring via strongly developed pedagogy, as well as driving student learning through digital means.

The Digital Learning Leader roles are new to MLP12C and it is great that the leadership team at the college are continuing to invest in ensuring that digital learning is not only made a priority but focused upon with intent and purpose.


Maria Farriciello – Support Centre 


Maria is passionate about her family and inclusive education for all students.  She has worked closely within the Support Centre  and has encouraged iPad devices to be used as an educational device and not just as a recreational tool.  She has taken time to educate the parents of her students on how to get the best out of these devices by coordinating information sessions, using QR codes and Augmented Reality to engage and inform.  She has enjoyed watching the confidence of her students grow when navigating around apps such as Pictello and Storyboard.  Her Year 9 students this year have created documentaries, picture story books and increased their basic math skills by staying engaged and on task with interactive applications.  She looks forward to the challenge of increasing the effective use of the 1:1 programs throughout Manor Lakes P-12 College and especially the Support Centre in 2015.

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Michelle Meracis – Early Years


Michelle is a primary school teacher who has been teaching for 17 years. She has a strong interest and background in digital technologies and has held a variety of positions, including Learning & Teaching/eLearning Leading Teacher, ICT Peer Coach and 1:1 iPad leader. Michelle has presented at state, national and international conferences on a number of topics, including ICT peer coaching and integrating 1:1 mobile devices. She has also worked closely with representatives from Apple, Cisco, DEECD, IBM and Microsoft on educational projects.

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Jess Green – Middle Years


Jess is passionate about two things in life, education and her pet dog Bobby (he really is the cutest dog in the world!). Although she is new to the ICT education game she believes in the equality and engagement that technology in the classroom offers. By day she is a middle years teacher who believes in knocking down walls and making the world accessible to those in her class. Jess has been at Manor Lakes since 2011, continuously encouraging those around her to experiment with all that technology can offer. This year she has presented at uLearn 2014 in New Zealand and she is hoping that through her work in integrating ICT, more opportunities to present and share her ideas with her fellow educators (especially if those opportunities are overseas!) arise as sharing her prior and new found knowledge is a passion!

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James Curtis – Senior Years


James is a self-appointed transformative educator who uses technological devices to meaningfully increase student comprehension and digital abilities, although he has no idea what any of that actually means. In truth he is a senior English teacher that likes using technology in the classroom, and also llamas (meaning he likes llamas, not that he uses them in the classroom. That would be ridiculous. Or would it?) He has been at Manor Lakes College since 2010, and has worked in 1:1 iPad and laptop programs ever since. James is never one to turn down the opportunity to present at conferences about his approach to using ICT in the classroom, especially when that involves going overseas! He has previously presented at ICTEV and most recently, traveled to New Zealand to present on the use of online learning environments and my presentation for uLearn14 is linked below.

Online Learning Spaces – James Curtis

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