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My name is Corrie Barclay and I am the ICT Leading Teacher / eLearning Coordinator at Manor Lakes P-12 College. We are located in Wyndham Vale approximately 20 minutes west of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

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As a college we opened in 2009 and and have grown from 450 students in out first year to approximately 1,850 students currently. Our expected enrolment will be close to 2,200 students, all on one campus! This will make our College one of the largest single campus colleges in Australia.

We are proud of many things at MLP12C, however one of these of course being our technology integration and the way in which we use technology to drive student learning and promote differentiated instructional pedagogy.

At our college we believe that today’s students think, connect and communicate differently to students who were at school even a few years ago. We are aware that our students live in a world where information can be accessed and shared quickly over the Internet, where they can communicate with peers and create new knowledge.

At Manor Lakes College we encourage our students to strive for excellence through a personalised learning program that integrates the curriculum and fully exploits the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). To fully cater for this we have ensured that as a college a major emphasis is placed in ICT integration.

In 2015 our Digital Learning  Strategy will ensure that all students have access to the ICT tools that will assist them to gain the skills necessary to succeed in such a technology rich world.

If you have any question or queries regarding our ICT program and or our 1:1 programs, please feel free to contact me via the details below.

Mr. Corrie Barclay
ICT Leading Teacher / eLearning Coordinator
Manor Lakes P-12 College


  1. Thanks for sharing your ipad experience. I love the way you are using the technology with your students.I have enjoyed reading about the trial and the apps you have used. I enjoyed reading the students comments. I will return to the blog soon to see how things are going.

  2. Hello from Canada

    I ahave been researching ipads as eReader for my daughter (grade 7) who is a struggling reader. I kept fiding reference to iPad trials in Australia so I decided to go hunting and find the source.

    One of the references I found talked about kids being able to tap words in pasages and hear the word spoken. Are you aware ofwhat app/reader they are using to do this.

    To date everything I can find reads you the whole passage and I want her to read the passage and only receive help when she needs it.

    If you have any insight it would be sooooo appreciated, years of struggling to help her read and now technology is finally providing a glimmer of hope
    Have a great Day

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