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MLP12C 2014 iPad App Lists


In the post below I made reference to our 2014 iPad Application Lists and them being ‘housed’ in a shared Dropbox folder for all to access! As of yesterday we had finalised, and thank you largely to our Support Centre Staff for their assistance, our Middle Years Support Centre Application list.

I have attached the now 3 App lists below for your download and perusal!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

MLP12C 2014 EY App List

MLP12C 2014 MYSY App List

MLP12C 2014 MYSC App List

Yr 1 Must Have App’s!

Hello All,

Below you will find attached a short list of applications that we feel are very important for our year one students to have. These are applications that are on our Early Years Application List, also attached below!

Grade 1 Must Have Apps


Yr 6 ‘Must Have’ App’s!


Below you’ll find a great little document developed by our year 6 team leader and College ICT Peer Coach, Michelle, that outlines iPad applications that she has deemed to be the ‘must have’s’ for our students.

Michelle has selected the majority of these applications based on our College’s Middle Years iPad Application list fr this year. A list may i add that is ever changing and evolving to suit our learners, foster creativity and promote student learning through differentiation.

It’s great that Michelle has broken the larger list down to what she feels is the ‘core’ set of app’s our students need.

Manor Lakes College – Grade 6 Must Have Apps

New Great App’s!

Hi all,

This post refers directly to 2 new and FREE Applications that have just been released and we thought that we’d make mention of them both as they’re not on our iPad Lists and… well… they’re great!

The first is linked directly for our Early Years Students and is titled ‘Endless Alphabet’.

This app is assists kids in developing their ABC skills and building vocabulary with all of the characters involved within this application. Kids can participate in interactive puzzle games with talking letters and watch short animations pointing out the definition of the focus words! The features of this app are:

– Dozens of words to start with and more being delivered automatically to the app on a regular basis
– Delightful animations teach children the definitions of the words in a fun and engaging way
– Word game teaches children letters
– Endless Alphabet was designed with your children in mind – there are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your children can interact with the app at their own pace.

Well worth the download! Thanks to Tom, our VCE IT teacher for coming across this one! Great find!

The other great app has purpose in pretty much all areas from P-11 is Math based and titled ‘My Script Calculator’.

My Script Calculator allows the user to simply write their equation on to their iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone screen and have the intuitive application solve their problem converting all symbols and numbers to digital text delivering the answer right there and then!

As mentioned, a great and worthwhile application to download and have a play with! In reality, it is much more effective and quicker than using a traditional calculator!



2013 iPad App Lists – v1.0


After weeks of deliberation. After weeks of deleting, adding, changing, swapping, etc… We’re done!

Below you will find our 3 Application Lists for our iPad Programs in 2013. With 1:1 programs in Prep, Year 1, Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8, AND, our Middle Years Support Centre Students, AND… a mixture of Apple Devices including iOS in our Senior Years (9-10), we’ll have approximately 700 iPads on the network! We’re not includeing the 150 MacBook Pro’s, nor the the other 400 odd devices spread throughout the College.

The lists have been designed with student learning in mind with focuses being placed on creativity, collaboration, modification and redefinition.

If you have any suggestions to these app lists, we’d love to hear from you. As mentioned in the heading, these are the first official versions that have been released. There may be more slight changes to come.

In the mean time… happy viewing!

MLP12C EY iPad App List 2013

MLP12C MY iPad App List 2013

MLP12C SCMY iPad App List 2013


Pic Collage

One app the kids in year 6 and 7 have come to love is Pic Collage. Like a lot of applications that may seem one dimensional, and this is an example, once a bit of creative thought is added, most app’s can be so much more and this is certainly one of them.

Students via this application can create more than just Collage’s of their favourite pics and images. They can use this app in many many ways to support what is being covered in class. Students can take photos of their work and comment on what they have done via the text box function. They can also use the editing options available to them to alter and change the appearance of images taken. Stickers can be added to images as well as being able to change the background look also of what images and text you may be including.

Lastly, as the two creative young lads below have demonstrated, you can use your photo editing skills to really manipulate and alter images! If only the photo below was real… or is it?

Apps For Mobile Learning

We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting applications to use as part of our iPad program.

We’re usually asked quite frequently also where do we find the applications we use? Well, my first response is just about always word of mouth. And that mouth more often than not coming form the students involved in our iPad programs yet also other educators out and about who come across excellent app’s that can be used for learning and teaching purposes.

This morning i came across this great blog post from Edudemic.com, an outstanding online resource for anything and everything education and also technology related.

As the title of the page states, there are 100 excellent applications for iOS devices, mainly ipads, that can be used with your students. App’s that foster creativity and creation as well as app’s that make simple, everyday tasks easier such as note taking and creating flashcards.

This list is well worth a look and tonight during our College’s iPad PLT, we will be investigating our own iPad Application lists to attempt to finalise for 2013!

The 100 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning | Edudemic.

Sovereign Hill iPad Excursion

Yesterday we had a great opportunity in taking our all Year 6 students to Sovereign Hill to see how mobile technology, and obviously in our case iPads, could be best utilised by students!

The idea for this came from having members of the Sovereign Hill education team visit our College early on in the term and discuss not only iPad use by students, but effective and transformative use. We wanted students to be creative and collaborative and demonstrate this via the work they were to complete. We wanted the ip[ads to be used as a tool to assist their learning but also be used in innovative ways to record and gain a greater understanding of what they were to be part of and see.

Stephanie and her team suggested we bring our year 6 students to Sovereign Hill to see how they themselves chose to use their devices to support and enhance their visit. The overall aims of the visit were:

  • To establish an understanding of how students with iPads would choose to use their devices while on excursion and to complete follow up tasks.
  • To develop our knowledge of iPad applications that are useful to students and teachers on excursion.
  • To create a bank of examples of effective use of iPads on excursion that can be used as exemplars for other teachers.
  • To understand how teachers and students are currently using iPads as educational tools so that our program and resource development can support these learners.


Prior to attending Sovereign Hill with the students, our Year 6 team leader, Michelle, and I visited and spent the day at Sovereign Hill to investigate and plan what we could have the students doing with their devices throughout the day. Of course, we wanted the kids to take ownership of this however we also so wanted some set tasks related to the displays and demonstrations available that were linked to those things, however offered students choice in how they were to present their work!

We felt that it would be a great idea to develop an eBook that we could share with all students to assist them through their visit. This eBook can be downloaded below in a PDF format. The teachers spent some time with the kids prior to the visit to ‘hook’ them in to the activities and tasks directed their way so that they had an understanding of what it was we were asking them to do.

The day involved the students being booked in to several of the many outstanding programs that Sov. Hill has to offer and it was this throughout the day that perhaps proved to be our downfall. The students had very little time to explore and go off on their own to use their devices as we would have liked, and what time they did have solo was spent either in the candy Store or the bakery! Cannot blame them for that!

Over the coming week students will be aiming to complete some of the tasks within the eBook and then share these with their teachers and others.

Thanks to Steph and her dedicated team for the opportunity. Thanks to the years teachers and supporting teachers taht attended and made the day as successful as it was!

Lastly, the students will be completing a survey set for them to determine how they felt their devices could have best assisted them in completing set tasks as well as documenting their day.

If you have any questions about what we were involved in, please leave a comment! Thank you!


Apps in Education: Great Apps for Toddler Learning

As we’be continued our ipad venture this year with our prep students, the link below contains some excellent app’s to promote learning amongst toddlers!

Ranging across all curriculum areas there are several app’s here well worth looking at!

On another note, our own app lists are currently being updated and will be shared shortly!

Apps in Education: Great Apps for Toddler Learning.

Thinking with iPads!


Lately I’ve noticed an influx of iPad education based blog reviews hitting the web all focussing on learning styles, thinking skills, and developing higher order thinking skills.

Below i have added several great links to assist teachers in using iPads based around developing higher order thinking schills such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence’s and other key learning strategies.

1. iPad App’s and Blooms Taxonomy


2. A Quick Guide on Blooms Taxonomy App’s for iPad

3. K-5 iPad App’s According to Blooms Taxonomy 

4. Appitic – Curated iPad App’s for Learning

5. iPad Recommended Educational App Lists

6. Mrs. Alline – Directory of Educational iPad Lists (Bloom’s and MI Included) 

7. Applications for Challenge Based Learning – See Below…

Hopefully these few sites come in handy! They have for us!
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