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Year 7 Home Project Tasks


For this term teachers in the Year 7 team have attempted to give the homework given to students more purpose and meaning. This has been via ensuring that the tasks set are directly linked to what is being covered in class and through giving students a ‘voice’ in how they present their homework. Rather than also have students create a multitude of various smaller tasks, a more major, singular project is issued.

Students are accessing their weekly homework via an iTunesU Course that has been created for them.

Recently as part of an Economics task, students were to develop a short video depicting them participating in their ‘Dream Job’. Below are just a few responses that were collected! 🙂


Digital Learning 2015


Throughout the course of the past several months MLP12C has been working hard to develop a new 3 year  eLearning Strategy that will guide and drive technology integration alongside current curriculum teaching and learning practices. Recently, and after much deliberation, our 2015-2017 eLearning Strategy has been finalised and ratified by College Council.

The strategy was developed in conjunction with members of the following:

  • The College principal class team,
  • College staff including leading teachers, year level team leaders, learning area leaders, teachers,
  • College network manager,
  • College council president,
  • Hardware reseller and supplier.

The evening to develop this strategy involved discussing current and future needs of our students as well as reflecting on the current strategy at the time with an emphasis on areas for improvement. 6 key questions were focused upon with all attendees giving valuable input. These focus questions were as follows;

  • What technology are we wanting our students to have access to, in all year levels? 1:1? Mobile Technology? Laptops? Specialised Labs?
  • Which model of technology integration will best suit our needs and wants? And in what cohorts? College Owned, BYOD, Co-Contribution? What will the financing of this look like?
  • How will the technology available be used to re-shape and enhance teaching and learning practices?
  • What further technical support and infrastructure and will be required?
  • What other, if any, technologies will be required to support student and teacher devices. Classroom A/V, IWB’s, LED’s, Apple TV’s, 3D Printers, etc…

Of the three components within the strategy, the main one of interest for parents and families of Manor Lakes P-12 College will be the device allocation model, outlined below.

Early Years Middle Years Senior Years Support Centre
Prep – Year 4


1:1 BYOD iPad Program


*Minimum device specifications:


Apple iPad 2 Device running iOS 6 or higher.*


Year 5 – Year 8


1:1 BYOD iPad Program


*Minimum device specifications:


Apple iPad 2 Device running iOS 6 or higher.*

Year 9 – Year 12


1:1 BYOD Apple Technology Program


*Minimum device specifications:


Apple iPad 2 Device running iOS 6 or higher.*


Late 2009 White Unibody Apple MacBook or higher.*

As per P-12 provisioning.


As per P-12 provisioning.


*Minimum device specifications: 


Apple iPad 2 Device running iOS 6 or higher.*


Late 2009 White Unibody Apple MacBook or higher.*

The information below has been directly taken from the 2015-2017 eLearning Strategy;

“The above provisioning model will see all students within our college with a personal mobile device which can be tailored and customised to suit individual learning needs. Specific applications for both iOS and osX devices will be determined on a yearly basis due to the needs of the students and teachers, as well as new technological developments, arise overtime.* 

The success of our current BYOD model of 1:1 integration has certainly prompted and encouraged a P-12 approach. Through a coordinated and transparent focus towards BYOD, MLP12C and its stakeholders directly affected, can work in cohesion to ensure technology is available to more students, more often, more of the time. The initial theory behind BYOD, which was first coined by ‘Intel’ in 2009, was to allow students access to their own devices at school to support learning in and out of the classroom. BYOD was also driven and fostered by educational institutions, such as MLP12C, to combat a major challenge that many institutions face and that being a lack of financial support to provide quality technology, especially from a 1:1 mindset, to support 21st Century teaching and learning practices. 

 As a college we fully understand that a BYOD model of integration does not suit all MLP12C families. Due to this we will endeavor to support all students without a 1:1 device for whatever reason as best we can in the following ways;

  • The loaning of devices to students via the college resource centre will be available for both iOS and osX devices. This will be initially in the form of:
  • 50 x iPad devices for Prep to 8 students
  • 20 x White Unibody Apple MacBooks for students in years 9 – 12. 

Prior to loaning of devices, student families will be required to initially sign a MLP12C Shared Loan Device document outlining the ‘terms and conditions’ for loaned and borrowed devices.  

  • The placement of iMac Desktop computers in specific learning houses. This will equate to approximately 50 devices at the beginning of 2015 with this set to increase as needs arise.
  • To ensure all senior years (9-12) subjects that are ICT focused are located within one of MLP12C’s iMac Learning Labs. Currently 2 iMac Labs, conclusion of 2014. To increase this to 4, minimum, by the beginning 2015.  
  • For the number of College owned ChromeBooks to increase from 25 to 50 to continue to assist with online applications and assessment practices. Discussions to be had also around adding ChromeBooks to the allowed 1:1 Device Provisioning Model after 2015.  
  • For rare occasions where alternative technology can not made available to students, alternative class work will be set to ensure all desired learning outcomes can fully be met by the students.

Finally, the current eLearning / ICT strategy has been a driving force towards MLP12C developing a clear and developed culture of high end technology use and integration. As per part of our eLearning Vision statement; we want the use of technology be a normalised, daily part of student learning to assist in meeting greater learning independence, outcomes, creativity and innovation.”

If you would like to view our college’s newly developed eLearning strategy, it can be downloaded via iTunes for those that have access to iBooks, either via a MacBook or iPad. For those who do not have access to those devices, it can also be downloaded via a shared Dropbox folder. The links to both of these are listed below. Alternatively, there will be hard copies located at the Burley Griffin and Argyle Offices.

Via iTunes:      http://goo.gl/EwnNm9

Via Dropbox:    http://goo.gl/GxprHs

Finally, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the College or myself via the email address below.


Thank You.

Corrie Barclay


Apple ID for Students: Parent Guide



Hello All.

Apple have just released a new document which is terrific in explaining the creation and use of “Apple ID’s” for school students, and primarily school students who are under the age of 13.

As the document states at the beginning:

“As a parent or guardian, you want the best learning environment for your student. One that makes learning relevant for each student and allows for creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. With an iOS device like iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, students always have access to the content they need—no matter where they are.”

To ensure that students are able to access parts of the curriculum we need to ensure that their devices are fully operational and connected to our College, and this also includes with an accessible Apple ID.

If you as a parent or caregiver would like to know more about the creation and use of Apple ID’s, Setting Privacy Restrictions, and adding Restrictions to an ipad Device then this is a great read!


iPad Intro for Newbies!


Hello All,

This morning I came across these two great Blog Posts via iPad Academy that will run you through iPad Basics and help you to understand the ‘ins and outs’ of how an iPad device functions as well its basic functionality.

So. If you can spare the approximate 6 minutes of viewing, this will go a long way to assisting you in gaining a better iPad understanding and make your use of an iPad much more user friendly. 🙂


iPad Video Lesson: Introduction to the iPad – Guided Tour Part One

iPad Video Lesson: Introduction to the iPad – Guided Tour Part Two






2014 iPad Program Welcome & Update!




It is with a fair amount of confidence that we can say that 2014 has started off extremely well and at an amazing pace!

Teachers and students have been right in the thick of the action with teaching and learning programs well and truly in full swing, as you would expect. For students involved in our BYOD iPad Program, that being all 620 students in years 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8, we have seen an amazing start to the year with iPad devices being showcased to facilitate and demonstrate teaching and learning programs and initiatives.

The use of mobile technology to cater for individual needs and to support student learning programs in place has certainly sparked creativity, innovation and a desire to showcase learning through the use of the iPad technology.

It has been also great to see students download and use the required iPad Applications to support their learning. As we have cut these down to 15 core applications from at least 60-70 in the past, it is vitally important that students in our Early Years, Middle Years and Support Centre sub schools have these applications. To access the 2014 iPad Application Lists, head to our shared “2014 eLearning Documentation” dropbox folder linked below.

2014 MLP12C eLearning Documentation

Our Year 2 Teaching team have also taken their iPad App usage one step further and developed a new list of ‘must haves’ for their students. This is also located in their shared dropbox folder linked above.

Lastly, we have developed a set of classroom / learning iPad expectations for students in Prep – Yr 2 and 6 – 8. I have also added below our Yr 3 – 5 Classroom Laptop Use expectations also. Teachers are currently using these documents and referring to them constantly to ensure technology integration teaching and learning practices are the best that they can be!

If you have any questions about the above please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact the College. 🙂


iPads in our Classroom Yr P-2

P-2 iPad Classroom Expectations

iPads in our Classroom Yr 6-8

3-5 Classroom Laptop Expectations

Laptops in our Classroom Yr 3-5

2014 Prep Transition (iPad Info) Afternoon

This afternoon we held our 2nd Information Afternoon for our new Prep parents for 2014. It was great to see so many people attended and absorb what was a small mountain of information!

Below, I have embedded the Haiku Deck Presentation which was shown to those attending parents giving them a brief overview of the iPad Program for 2014. If those parents who attended have any questions, or anyone else has a few minor questions, please do not hesitate to contact the College.


Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad


Please note that the Haike Deck above was created using the ‘Beta’ Web based version, which I have found to be excellent yet still a little clunky. I.e. Not saving corrections and changes…:)


2014 eLearning Documentation

Hello All!

In recent years we have delivered alot of our ICT and eLearning documentation via the old fashioned paper way! This year however we are aiming to move more towards digital forms of documentation that parents, families, and the wider community have access to online.

Below, you will find a link to a shared DropBox Folder which contains update to date eLearning documentation for 2014. An outline of what is included in this shared folder is below.

The ‘big ticket’ items contained ion this folder are of course our 2014 iPad Applications Lists for our Early Years and Middle/Senior Years students as well as our 2014 iPad Integration Guide.

This guide is aimed at assisting students, families and our staff in understanding Mobile Technology integration, our College’s philosophies and goals behind iPad integration, using an iPad for the first time and also iPad management set up and solutions.

This documentation is still in draft form and the folder itself will be updated and added to as time progresses.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the College to discuss these further!

Thank you!

Dropbox Link:  http://goo.gl/7bA7dW

File Name File Type Description
2014 MLP12C ICT AUA P-4 PDF Our student ICT Acceptable Use Agreement outlining expectations of device and online behaviours for students in our Early Years Sub School.
2014 MLP12C ICT AUA 5-8 PDF Our student ICT Acceptable Use Agreement outlining expectations of device and online behaviours for students in our Middle Years Sub School.
2014 MLP12C ICT AUA 9-12 PDF Our student ICT Acceptable Use Agreement outlining expectations of device and online behaviours for students in our Senior Years Sub School.
MLP12C 2014 EY App List PDF A list of all applications required by our students in years 1 and 2 to support their learning.
MLP12C 2014 iPad Guide iBook File Our college iPad Integration Guide for students, teachers and families. This is a Multi Touch eBook which can be downloaded only on devices that have Apples ‘iBook’ application. This being iOS devices and MacBooks running Apple’s 10.9 Operating Software.
MLP12C 2014 MYSY App List PDF A list of all applications required by our students in years 6-11 to support their learning.
MLP12C 2014 PDF iPad Guide PDF A PDF version of our Multi Touch eBook. This is smaller in download size as it contains none of the high-end media the iBook version does.
MLP12C iPad Connection Guide PDF A document created by our IT Technicians to support families in setting up their device for the first time.
Parent Guide – Apple ID PDF A guide developed by Apple to support Parents in setting up and creating Apple ID Accounts for their children.

MLP12C BYOD Presentation

Hello All!

Firstly, thank you to those parents who turned out for last nights MLP12C BYOD Information Evening. We hope that what was presented clarified a few things for you and any questions that you may have had were answered.

Please find below the ‘Prezi’ presentation that was shown last night.

If you have any questions about the presentation, and or about anything relating to our BYOD Framework Models for 2014, please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Thank You.


Photos & i-Cloud

Recently we have had several students and families inquire about the use of iCloud to back up the images on their iPad Camera Roll. One reason being that if, for whatever reason, an iPad device is needing to be restored, is lost or even damaged beyond repair, then those images are lost which can be quite a pain!

Below are some basic instructions, as well as some extra information, on how to use the 5GB of FREE cloud storage you receive when you use your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.

Firstly, to view your iCloud settings to see exactly what you are syncing to the ‘cloud’, you need to go in to your Settings and tap on iCloud.

From here you will then see all items that are checked, or turned on, that are being synced across different devices you own as well as to iCloud. Why is this a good thing? If you lose your iPhone/iPad for example then all items in your Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes, and Passbook are backed up and not lost forever! Also, the feature that I love, is that if I create Reminders or Notes on my iPhone, they will be synced and pushed across to my iPad device. Very handy feature to ensure I am not jumping from iPad to iPhone and vice versa.

As you can see below, one feature that is a MUST to be turned on is the ‘Find My iPhone’ Feature. For this to work you also need to turn on the ‘Location Services’ feature in your Privacy settings and once in that, activate ‘Find My iPhone’. We have used this at MLP12C to recover several missing iPad decvices.

One major feature of iCloud apart from the backing up and syncing your Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes, and Passbook, is the Photos feature for the saving and backing up of all of your images. A great here is that even if you decide to use ‘My Photo Stream’ to back up your images, this WILL NOT count towards to your 5GB of cloud storage!

As the image above shows, when My Photo Stream is turned on, images taken on one particular device are also synced and shared across multiple devices. This is only the case if you are using your Apple ID on more than one device, as well as have iCloud turned on on both devices. This means if I take a photo on my iPhone, and all iCloud and Photos settings are turned on multiple devices I own or are part of my Apple ID, then that image will appear on those devices in the Camera Roll.

This can be a great thing! Yet can also cause headaches if people in a family are using different devices yet sharing Apple ID accounts. Images taken by one person, say on an iPad, can be seen on other devices using the same Apple ID.

So. The choice is yours! If after all of this you’re thinking ‘My Photo Stream’ and iCloud are not for you, then here are a few other methods for backing up images taken on iOS devices.

1. Use another cloud based storage site such as Dropbox or Box. These are easy to set up, free (giving you limited storage) and easy to use.

2. Use a Dedicated Photo cloud storage solution such as Picassa (Google) or Flickr. Flickr gives you 1TB (1000GB) of free photo storage space! That’s anything from 1 million to 10 million images!

3. Connect your iOS device to a Mac or PC and back up your data, including your images, that way. In saying this, ALL iOS devices should be backed up at some point to a Mac or PC.

We hope this information helps! If you are however after more information, head to the Apple Support FAQ Site below!


2014 1:1 Device Provisioning Information

Hi all,

It has been far too long. Below you will find 3 letters directed to all members of our college  that have been split into Early Years, Middle Years and Senior Years respectively.

These letters outline what is happening within our 1:1 cohorts in 2014, which is outlined also below;

  • PREP; 1:1 iPad Program – College Owned Devices
  • YRS 1, 2, 6, 7, 8; 1:1 iPad Program – BYOD Funding Model
  • YRS 9, 10, 11; 1:1 Apple Technologies Program – BYOD Funding Model
  • YR 12; 1:1 MacBook Pro Program – College Owned Devices

For parents and caregivers, any questions can be directed towards the College via the details on the attached letters.

As a College we eagerly look forward to continuing our wonderful partnership with families and the MLP12C community to continue the high quality use of Apple Technology to support and leverage student learning!

Thank you.

iPad Early Years: Prep, 1 & 2 – 2014

iPad Middle Years: 6, 7 & 8 – 2014

BYOD Technology Program Senior Years: 9, 10 & 11 – 2014

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