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Prep iPads Heading Home!

Last Wednesday night we held an information session for all our current Prep students parents relating to our 1:1 Prep iPad Program. The reason for this session was to inform parents that the iPad devices that their child had been using for the last term were in fact going to start heading home at the beginning of term 3!

Throughout the second semester last year we trialled this within our 1:1 program to assist and foster greater learning opportunities outside of the college setting, and with great success.

As you will see in the embedded presentation below, the aim of taking the iPad devices home is:

  • To move learning beyond the 4 walls of the classroom
  • To engage parents and carers in their child’s learning via the MLP12C Prep Curriculum
  • For students to develop in their journeys at home via mobile technology use

Parents on the night were very supportive, as they have always been and are, and asked a multitude of questions in how the devices could be used and how they could become greater involved in their child’s learning.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be very much looking forward to seeing how the devices are being used at home.  We’ll be wanting to see also just how the collaboration between college and home can assist learning through mobile technology use!

Yr 6 Commercial Design & Development

Of recent weeks our Year 6 students have embarked on creating advertisements relating to  their inquiry unit focusing on Economics! Students are wanting to raise money for charities that either they have decided upon and are wanting to support and/or have been selected by their teachers.

The examples below are just 4 of these marvellous creations, all made entirely on their own mobile devices, in and out of the classroom! These are indeed just another example of the outstanding work our kids and staff do in relation to using mobile technology, iPad devices, to support learning and teaching!


Not Enough Space on Your iPad?


Recently i have had a few queries from parents and students regarding their iPad devices starting to, if not already, having little to no memory to install either more applications or media!

We’ve learnt along the way that although we feel that 16Gb is enough space for an iPad device, students do need to manage the space on their device effectively to ensure that they have enough space for all that they need.

A great way to get extra space, for free, is the use of cloud based services such as Dropbox, Box.com and of course Apple’s iCloud Service!

A great little article that i recently came across to help alleviate some storage issues on iPad devices can be found below, that explains Apple’s iCloud Service and how you can set this up to work for you!

Well worth a read!

Making Sense of iCloud Storage: iPad Memory & Insufficient Space

Internet Training Workshop

Hi all,

On Tuesday 30th April we will be hosting in partnership with Telstra 2 workshops designed at assisting people people in becoming more familiar with the Internet, how it works, and mobile technology.

Peter Blasnia, the ‘GadgetGuy’ from Channel 7’s Sunrise Program, will be hosting the 2 workshops as well as a special information session on Cyber Safety at 9.00am.

We would LOVE to see as as many members of our Community in attendance, at either or all sessions, at what we are sure will be a great event.

Please see the flyer below for more information!


Out and About…

Yesterday I was able to pull together some time to get about and about amongst our year 1 and year 6 classes to see our 1:1 iPad program in action.

Immediately it was evident that our students and staff have responded to the use of these devices extremely well when integrating them in to teaching and learning programs and support learning.

As these two cohorts are essentially new to 1:1 iPad use, although our year 1 students last year had 1:1 iPad access under a school owned model, I thought it important to touch base with teachers and students in a more informal setting via conducting my own little “learning walk” throughout these areas.

As i mentioned it was immediately evident that the devices were being utilised to support teaching and learning via the following;

  • Students were engaged and on task with their devices
  • Students were given space and responsibility to select how they were to demonstrate their learning. I.e. Choice of app’s and presentation methods.
  • Students were using their devices to reflect on their learning using applications such as Explain Everything and Educreations.
  • Staff were using the devices with both purpose to make the technology use meaningful and assisting not as an add on or extra.
  • Several students were choosing to show their understandings by NOT using their iPads. This falls directly under student choice which we feel is fantastic as kids are not solely relying on their devices to complete work and demonstrate learning outcomes.
  • Students being creative with their devices and moving away from using their iPads as a substitution method to show their work. I.e. Students using the Minecraft and Eden applications to show their understanding!
  • And lastly, classes throughout these cohorts having developed blogs, wiki’s and Google Sites to connect with students in an online setting to share,, connect, collaborate and discuss their happenings!
I have included just a few images of some things that I witnessed below to show you first hand what our teachers and students are up to! 🙂

Using the Apple TV and Kanex Connector through a Digital Projector!

The Year 1’s waiting patiently to display their work!

The Kanex ATV Pro Connector in Action.

App Zone!

Online Portal Pick Up Dates

To all parents and families who have purchased a device via the Online Purchasing Portal, the pick up date for these devices will be Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th December. This is next week. A slip will go home to al parents and guardians via their students today.

You will need to bring a printed copy of your receipt and identification over to the ICT Office in the Eyre Building.

If you have any questions before then, please contact the College.

Thank You.

2012/13 Online Purchasing Portal

iPad Mini

To all parents and families.

After having spoken with our IT Partners and Mac Resellers Xcite Logic, we have decided to leave the portal open for…. well… good! This will give you all the opportunity to perhaps purchase new equipement as you may require it along the line.

If have not purchased via the portal but are aiming to do so, it is a case at the moment of sooner the better to ensure that what you order comes in before Christmas. In saying this we as a college or on behalf of Xcite Logic cannot guarantee from here on in that items orded now, will in fact arrive before the end of term, this being December 21st.

The good news is that all parents that have ordered via the portal, and ordered an iPad 3, will be immediately upgraded to an iPad4! Also, the iPad Mini will be available on the portal very shortly, however Apple are still finalising shipments for these devices as well as determining what the education pricing will be. Once added to the portal, once again, if you’re wishing to purchase an iPad Mini, guarantees of delivery before Christmas cannot be made.

If you have questions about the above, please contact me via the College. Thanks. Corrie. 😉

3 reasons why the iPad Mini is the iPad for Education

After having just posted… the previous post, I recently came across this blog post from EdGalaxay.com which raises some great points of thinking when considering the iPad Mini for use within a classroom setting.

Worth the read. 😉

3 reasons why the iPad mini is the iPad for Education – Edgalaxy – Cool Stuff For Nerdy Teachers – Edgalaxy: Where Education and Technology Meet..

iPad Mini / iPad (4)!

As you may or may not be aware Apple have released in the past 24 hours the all new iPad Mini and an updated iPad 3, which is being touted as the iPad 4! Exciting times… But what does this mean for Manor Lakes P-12 College and our iPad Program?

Currently, parents and families that have students in years one and 6 for 2013 are looking to purchase an iPad device for their child to use as part of our 1:1 ipad Programs, if they do not already have a device at home to utilise.

With the release of the iPad mini and the updated iPad3 (iPad4), we as a college will obviously support both of these devices to be part of out 1:1 Programs. We’ve heard that the iPad Mini will begin shipping and orders can be taken as close as this Friday.

Below you can see the pricing differences between the 3 devices. A notable difference, or lack there of between the iPad Mini and the iPad 2, which is now only available from Apple as a 16GB version.


To view the Apple video about the iPd Mini, Click Here.

We’re looking forward to what the iPad Mini may be able to change in terms of teaching and learning, if anything perhaps, so we’ll wait and see! From the video it does look as though it’d portability is much improved are as it’s ability to now take HD Photographs unlike the iPad2 which will make a great difference to the quality of work that can be showcased using an iPad Mini.

Lastly, if you are a parent who is purchasing an iPad for your child for 2013 and have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact the college and we’ll do what we can!



2013 iPad Parent Purchasing Portal

To all current Manor Lakes P-12 students and families in year Prep and Year 5, please find below the link to Xcite Logic’s Online Purchasing Portal for iPad purchasing for 2013, should you require it.

Please contact the college for the portal login details.

Thank You.



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