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10 Must Have Teacher App’s!

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 9.49.26 am

Below I have created 10 wonderfully great iPad app’s for teachers!

These for me for the most part have been the Core App’s I have both used extensively and also found myself beginning to use extensively of late.

There are of course another 10-20 applications that i could have easily added however I do find that with app use on an iPad you ‘rob peter to pay paul‘, meaning that there are a lot of app’s out there that do very similar things to each other and you as a teacher (and learner), need to decide which app works best for you.

An example of this is one app included below, EduCreations. This is a simple yet very powerful application to use and is VERY similar to that of Explain Everything, Show Me, and Doceri, and there others… The reason I have listed over others is that it works very well and I have no reason other than that to use anything else. Simple as that!

So… The list is as follows!

If there are iPad applications that you use on a daily basis which you find that are just to important to NOT be on the above list, by all means I/we would love to see and hear about them so please take the 13 seconds to add your must have teaching app’s below!

2015 Prep-8 iPad App Lists



Below you will find our 2015 Prep – Yr 8 iPad Application Lists.

These applications lists have been created to best support and compliment the iPad and it’s use towards achieving greater learning outcomes for our students. The lists below have been developed with the assistance of staff and students and the feedback received via talking to students about their learning.

You may notice that their are a number of application lists relating specifically to student year levels and that there is a CORE and an OPTIONAL list. It is an expectation that ALL students have the CORE applications installed on their devices. Ideally we would also like the OPTIONAL iPad applications as well however we are fully conscious of keeping application costs and downloads to a minimum.

If you have any questions regarding the application lists or require assistance in the downloading of these please do not hesitate to visit the college or make contact via ict@manorlakesp12.vic.edu.au

Thank You.







2015 Middle Years Student iPad Survey

Recently students in years 6-8 were asked to complete a survey that asked them to record down specific responses relating to their iPad use at the College. We have embedded these results below for your information.

As you will see the information shared via the students feedback in quite interesting and will certainly prompt some future discussion.

Happy viewing.

And Once Again…

…we are an Apple Distinguished Program!

This morning Manor Lakes P-12 College were visited by Simon, an Apple Education Executive and Mel, Apple’s Digital Content Manager who swung by both to touch base and also hand over our lovely new Plaque that once again gives our College its recognition as running extremely high quality teaching and learning programs whilst effectively integrating technology.

The real congratulations must be awarded to our staff and students who are drivers of what we do with our technology to support those said learning and teaching programs.

ADP Recognition

ADP Recognition


BYOD Parent Information Evening

Hello MLP12C Community.

On Wednesday the 6th November we will be holding 2 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Information sessions to support our families and caregivers in transitioning towards a BYOD framework.

Currently for 2014, students in years 1 and 2 as well as 6 to 11 will be involved in our BYOD programs. This approximately makes up 80+% of our college 1:1 devices where we will see close to 2000 1:1 devices on our network. This does not include staff laptops and personal devices.

The two session that are being hosted will give parents and our community a greater insight into what BYOD essentially is, why we as a College moved towards a BYOD framework in 2011, and how we can and will offer support to families involved in this technology integration model.

The parent information note is attached below, as are dates, times and the location.

Thank you.

2014 BYOD Parent Session Evening Notification.

  • Date: Wednesday 6th November
  • Session 1: 5:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Session 2: 6:30 – 7:30pm
  • Location: Eyre Resource Centre


MY Student iPad Perception Survey

Hi All,

It has been a little while since we’ve last posted  and our apologies for that! We’ve had some amazing things going on in recent weeks prior to the school holidays and even this week with our Prep cohort taking their College iPad devices home is very exciting in itself!

So, to the crux of this post.

Middle to late in term 2 of this year we decided to survey a large cohort of our Middle Years students (Yrs. 6, 7, and 8), all of whom are involved in our 1:1 iPad Program. Over the past two years we have decided to survey our students about their iPad, or more so Mobile Technology use to assist us in gaining a slightly better understanding of their feelings and perceptions relating to the use of their devices to support their learning.

I have included aspects of the completed data below. Our next step is to unpack this a little further with both teachers within their teams as well as the students themselves.

If you have any questions or comments about the survey data displayed, feel free to leave a comment below.

BYOD @ MLP12C So Far…


Well… We are now in the thick of it for 2013 and we are very proud and thrilled to say that all of our learners in our BYOD iPad Programs are going great! Students have already been demonstrating their skills and iPad capabilities from year 1 right through to year 8 in all curriculum areas which has been great to witness.

Our students, including our year 1’s (with help of course) have been self enrolling their devices to our network via new device network management software we’ve introduced, Casper Suite, to ensure they have full Internet and network access across the College.

Below I’ve added the percentages of iPad Devices in each year level in relation to us moving towards a BYOD model in a nifty little graphic. Percentages and figures that we are very pleased with, percentages and figures that we are sure will only improve as time moves forward! As a College we must thank our Community of parents and guardians for their support in these programs.

Lastly, I have also attached our 1:1 iPad Information Book for those who either do not have it, have not seen it or are simply interested.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the College or myself directly via: corriebarclay@manorlakesp12.vic.edu.au

Thank You.


2013 BYOD 1-1 iPad Information Book

And… we’re back!



Hello all!

It is absolutely fantastic to be back in to the thick of the action for 2013! We have so many exciting programs and initiatives going on throughout the college, all aimed at benefiting the students we teach!

Of course, one of these exiting programs being our foray in to a Year 1 BYOD iPad Program! From the successes that we witnessed in 2012 with out Prep cohort, we made the call with the support of parents to continue our iPad Program in to year 1!

With approximately 130 students in year 1, all of which hopefully will soon have their own ipad, and in saying this, most already do!, we are very keen to see our students extend their learning with the existence of these devices at their disposal.

We have already seen in just 1 week our Year 1 students demonstrating outstanding technology integration skills to assist their learning. Of course however, with all technology integration, the devices on hand are there to support what is being taught and this is a key message for all staff and parents at our College.

In the coming weeks we’ll be soon able to show you examples of student work as well as images of these kids using their iPads to support their learning! Watch this space!

On top of this, we then move to our Middle Years where now all year 6, 7, and 8 students have their own iPad device! The take up rate has been outstanding thus far and we as a College must thank parents and guardians for their support in this. The year 6 students last year were exceptional in their creative and innovative ways in using their device and we are looking for these students to assist others in leading the way!


Please visit back here frequently to witness all the amazing things our students and teachers are doing with our 1:1 iPad Programs! If you have any questions of queries, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer!

Thank you!

Lil’ “iPad” Rockstars!

We just had to share the following video that 2 of our year 6 students produced using nothing but their iPads! Impressive stuff!

Their wonderful teacher Michelle told me that her class were investigating different forms of poetry. Some students explored songs and these boys asked if they could change the lyrics of Sweet Child O’Mine. Now, Michelle is somewhat of a ‘rock chick’ and with being one of her all time favourite songs… she of course encouraged their request!

So sit back and enjoy! 😉


Prep iPad Videos!

Embedded below are a very small sample of some work our Prep students have been completing in class on their iPads! Enjoy!


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