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2013 PL Visitations

Our guests from Cabramatta West PS located in Sydney’s western suburbs.

So far this year we’ve been inundated with schools and colleges asking to visit our College to see the outstanding things that our staff and students are doing in relation to our iPad Programs.

Once again, as always, I have been utterly bewildered by the capabilities of our staff and students and how they can best utilise mobile technology, or technology in general, to support teaching and learning.

The messages that i usually ‘preach’ to our visitors about;

  • technology integration (and doing it successfully),
  • running 1:1 programs,
  • undertaking and coordinating BYOD,
  • the evolution of pedagogy and learning that needs to take place,
  • using mobile technology to support teaching and learning, and,
  • what needs to be in place for all of the above to be successful…

…all are based upon our first hand accounts of what I and we as a College have initiated and implemented.

We have had close to 100 people through from over 35 different settings ranging from local school across the road to colleges as far from Western Australia and New Zealand.

Below i have included several images that have been taken throughout these professional learning visitations which i feel have been quite successful for those involved. At least i hope!

2013 PL Visitation Images from Corrie Barclay

From here we are aiming to make the hosting of our visitors more student focused and driven and have the real starts of the show lead the way. It is certainly one thing to hear the information come from staff, but the students are the ones who are using the technology to support their learning, and they need to be the ones to share their stories!

In saying this though i do need to take this opportunity to thank ALL staff who constantly have visitors strolling through their rooms in prep, year 1, and years 6, 7 and 8. A big shout out and thank you to the team leaders of these teams, Tristane (P), Damon (1), Michelle (6), Mel/Jane (7) and Kate/Emma (8).

So. From here we have a host of more schools and colleges coming our way and we’ll be sure to welcome them with open arms!

Yr 1 Must Have App’s!

Hello All,

Below you will find attached a short list of applications that we feel are very important for our year one students to have. These are applications that are on our Early Years Application List, also attached below!

Grade 1 Must Have Apps


The Evidence Is Here…

Just a small portion of the crowd at Michelle and Jess’ presentation.

On the weekend the annual ICTEV (ICT in Education Victoria) 2013 Conference took place and two of our very own staff, Michelle in Yr 6 and Jess in Yr 3, presented on the wonderful things that we are doing within our 1:1 iPad Programs.

I have been fortunate enough to hear from several of the people that attended their session and they all had nothing but excellent things to say!

One of the highlights from the presentation that Michelle and Jess gave was a video they showed which had been created by one of Michelle’s fantastic year 6 students, Leah. The video, which is embedded below is an outstanding reason as to why our staff and students are leaders in technology use to support learning.

Leah created this digital story based on a narrative that she had written in class and as you can see, it is absolutely amazing! The creativity that she has displayed, especially seeing that the entire video was created on an iPad, is stunning.

If you ever needed evidence to prove that technology has a place in an educational setting to support teaching and learning, this is it.



Not Enough Space on Your iPad?


Recently i have had a few queries from parents and students regarding their iPad devices starting to, if not already, having little to no memory to install either more applications or media!

We’ve learnt along the way that although we feel that 16Gb is enough space for an iPad device, students do need to manage the space on their device effectively to ensure that they have enough space for all that they need.

A great way to get extra space, for free, is the use of cloud based services such as Dropbox, Box.com and of course Apple’s iCloud Service!

A great little article that i recently came across to help alleviate some storage issues on iPad devices can be found below, that explains Apple’s iCloud Service and how you can set this up to work for you!

Well worth a read!

Making Sense of iCloud Storage: iPad Memory & Insufficient Space

Yr 6 ‘Must Have’ App’s!


Below you’ll find a great little document developed by our year 6 team leader and College ICT Peer Coach, Michelle, that outlines iPad applications that she has deemed to be the ‘must have’s’ for our students.

Michelle has selected the majority of these applications based on our College’s Middle Years iPad Application list fr this year. A list may i add that is ever changing and evolving to suit our learners, foster creativity and promote student learning through differentiation.

It’s great that Michelle has broken the larger list down to what she feels is the ‘core’ set of app’s our students need.

Manor Lakes College – Grade 6 Must Have Apps

Internet Training Workshop

Hi all,

On Tuesday 30th April we will be hosting in partnership with Telstra 2 workshops designed at assisting people people in becoming more familiar with the Internet, how it works, and mobile technology.

Peter Blasnia, the ‘GadgetGuy’ from Channel 7’s Sunrise Program, will be hosting the 2 workshops as well as a special information session on Cyber Safety at 9.00am.

We would LOVE to see as as many members of our Community in attendance, at either or all sessions, at what we are sure will be a great event.

Please see the flyer below for more information!


Out and About…

Yesterday I was able to pull together some time to get about and about amongst our year 1 and year 6 classes to see our 1:1 iPad program in action.

Immediately it was evident that our students and staff have responded to the use of these devices extremely well when integrating them in to teaching and learning programs and support learning.

As these two cohorts are essentially new to 1:1 iPad use, although our year 1 students last year had 1:1 iPad access under a school owned model, I thought it important to touch base with teachers and students in a more informal setting via conducting my own little “learning walk” throughout these areas.

As i mentioned it was immediately evident that the devices were being utilised to support teaching and learning via the following;

  • Students were engaged and on task with their devices
  • Students were given space and responsibility to select how they were to demonstrate their learning. I.e. Choice of app’s and presentation methods.
  • Students were using their devices to reflect on their learning using applications such as Explain Everything and Educreations.
  • Staff were using the devices with both purpose to make the technology use meaningful and assisting not as an add on or extra.
  • Several students were choosing to show their understandings by NOT using their iPads. This falls directly under student choice which we feel is fantastic as kids are not solely relying on their devices to complete work and demonstrate learning outcomes.
  • Students being creative with their devices and moving away from using their iPads as a substitution method to show their work. I.e. Students using the Minecraft and Eden applications to show their understanding!
  • And lastly, classes throughout these cohorts having developed blogs, wiki’s and Google Sites to connect with students in an online setting to share,, connect, collaborate and discuss their happenings!
I have included just a few images of some things that I witnessed below to show you first hand what our teachers and students are up to! 🙂

Using the Apple TV and Kanex Connector through a Digital Projector!

The Year 1’s waiting patiently to display their work!

The Kanex ATV Pro Connector in Action.

App Zone!

Cabramatta West Public School

Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting Cabramatta West Public School to our College to witness our high quality of technology integration to support teaching and learning programs.

View Larger Map

Reem, the Assistant Principal and 7 of her Colleagues, came for what was an excellent afternoon of professional learning discussions and talks focusing on our technology integration and to witness our 1:1 iPad Programs. Reem caught wind of the what we do via one of her Colleagues in Sydney who had visited our College in the past and had mentioned what a great College we were, especially when integrating technology.

As i have said in the past it is always a pleasure to be able to showcase the excellent things that the teachers at MLP12C do in their rooms and for educators at other settings to witness this first hand is a powerful experience, for both them and us.

I am sure that through their visit, the staff from Cabramatta West were able to walk away with some new knowledge that i am also sure would have and will prompt many professional discussions around teaching, learning, and technology integration.

I have included several images that i took in those classes that we visited yesterday which simply demonstrate the excellent work our staff and students are doing.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the College.

Thank You.




BYOD @ MLP12C So Far…


Well… We are now in the thick of it for 2013 and we are very proud and thrilled to say that all of our learners in our BYOD iPad Programs are going great! Students have already been demonstrating their skills and iPad capabilities from year 1 right through to year 8 in all curriculum areas which has been great to witness.

Our students, including our year 1’s (with help of course) have been self enrolling their devices to our network via new device network management software we’ve introduced, Casper Suite, to ensure they have full Internet and network access across the College.

Below I’ve added the percentages of iPad Devices in each year level in relation to us moving towards a BYOD model in a nifty little graphic. Percentages and figures that we are very pleased with, percentages and figures that we are sure will only improve as time moves forward! As a College we must thank our Community of parents and guardians for their support in these programs.

Lastly, I have also attached our 1:1 iPad Information Book for those who either do not have it, have not seen it or are simply interested.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the College or myself directly via: corriebarclay@manorlakesp12.vic.edu.au

Thank You.


2013 BYOD 1-1 iPad Information Book

New Great App’s!

Hi all,

This post refers directly to 2 new and FREE Applications that have just been released and we thought that we’d make mention of them both as they’re not on our iPad Lists and… well… they’re great!

The first is linked directly for our Early Years Students and is titled ‘Endless Alphabet’.

This app is assists kids in developing their ABC skills and building vocabulary with all of the characters involved within this application. Kids can participate in interactive puzzle games with talking letters and watch short animations pointing out the definition of the focus words! The features of this app are:

– Dozens of words to start with and more being delivered automatically to the app on a regular basis
– Delightful animations teach children the definitions of the words in a fun and engaging way
– Word game teaches children letters
– Endless Alphabet was designed with your children in mind – there are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your children can interact with the app at their own pace.

Well worth the download! Thanks to Tom, our VCE IT teacher for coming across this one! Great find!

The other great app has purpose in pretty much all areas from P-11 is Math based and titled ‘My Script Calculator’.

My Script Calculator allows the user to simply write their equation on to their iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone screen and have the intuitive application solve their problem converting all symbols and numbers to digital text delivering the answer right there and then!

As mentioned, a great and worthwhile application to download and have a play with! In reality, it is much more effective and quicker than using a traditional calculator!



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